Mollie O’Brien and Rich Moore: A musical marriage

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Photo: Mollie O'brien
Rich Moore and Mollie O’Brien on stage.

It's all there: blues, folk, jazz, pop, gospel and more.

The couple first met at the Denver Folklore Center in 1981, got married and had two daughters.

While O'Brien focused on her music career as a regular guest on A Prairie Home Companion for several years, Moore found work as an energy consultant and stayed at home in Denver with the kids.

After the girls went off to college they decided it was time to record as a duo.

The product was their critically-acclaimed album “Saints & Sinners” in 2010.

O'Brien and Moore recently released a second studio album entitled “Love Runner” that includes songs by Randy Newman, Dave Van Ronk, Chris Smither, Tom Paxton plus three originals.

The work is a showcase for O'Brien's powerful voice and Moore's versatile guitar work.

Some of the songs onLove Runner” explore the subject of home, something that occurred to the musicians after the fact.

"It's funny how, once we started culling songs, we realized: Hey, there's a theme here!" O'Brien says. "I think it was a subconscious thing. I don't know if it's because we're both at the age we are now.”