Proposed Colorado License Plates Would Be Pueblo Chile Hot

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Photo: Pueblo Chile License Plate
A mock-up for an unapproved design for a special Pueblo Chile license plate.

Longtime Pueblo oil painter Teresa Vito never thought she'd see her artwork on cars cruising Interstate 25. But that could be a reality soon, if a new special license plate featuring Pueblo Chiles is approved by the state legislature this session.

Last year, Vito was asked by the Pueblo Chile Growers Association to create artwork that could be used to promote Pueblo Chiles, also known as Mirasol Chiles. She painted two pieces: a rural landscape and a detail showing the chiles close up.

"I saw the label as a symbol of place -- Pueblo," Vito said, adding the association wanted something that would look like an old fashioned label from the 1920s or 30s for preserves and other produce. Those labels often featured rural landscapes and whatever produce was inside.

Photo: Pueblo Chile Label
Pueblo oil painter Teresa Vito was commissioned to create two paintings to help promote Pueblo Chiles.

However, following a conversation between State Representative Daneya Esgar and Pueblo County Commissioner Buffie McFadyen, Vito's work went to another level. After collecting at least 3,000 signatures to prove citizen support, Esgar introduced a bill to the legislature -- it's currently under consideration in the State House of Representatives.

Vito spoke with Colorado Matters host Nathan Heffel.