Roller Derby Players Drop Cutesy Names (Bye, Georgia O’Grief) In Favor Of New Image

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Photo: Denver Roller derby 1
Katelyn Dew, of Denver, in blue, competes in a game in 2015.

Slashley Simpson, Georgia O'Grief and Princess Fillet-ya are some of the punnier, kitschier names in the sport of roller derby. But those names, and the culture, are changing as roller derby gets more popular, and the Denver Roller Derby league is helping lead the way.

Photo: Denver Roller Derby 3
Raquel Davila, also known as "Satan's Little Helper" in roller derby, of the Angel City Roller Derby league.

Until last year, the league was known as the Denver Roller Dolls, but as it expanded to include men and youth, the name -- and the logo of a silhouetted skater with pigtails -- didn't match. So in February 2015, the league rebranded and became Denver Roller Derby.

At the time, player Susie Long said "I just want roller derby to be seen as a real sport -- not tutus and fishnets. That’s not the sport I play."

Photo: Denver Roller Derby logos
The old (left) and new (right) logos for the Denver Roller Derby league, formerly called Denver Roller Dolls.

This weekend, the Mile High Club, an all-star team from the Denver league, will compete for a world championship. All of the players on the team use their official last names, not their former "derby names," in competition. Krisana Barrett, formerly known on the rink as Brix Hithouse, is on the team, and as she prepared to leave for the tournament in Portland, she spoke with Colorado Matters host Ryan Warner about the mainstreaming of roller derby.

Photo: Denver Roller Derby 2
Krisana Barrett, of Denver, competes in the 2015 championship tournament.