RTD And Denver Transit Partners’ Relationship Appears Solid Despite Public Scolding

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Photo: A Line boarding March 2018 2 (Minor)
Passengers board and leave an A Line train at Central Park station in Denver on Monday, March 26, 2018.

RTD took Denver Transit Partners executives to task Tuesday night for an April 20 incident that left A Line passengers without food, water or access to a bathroom for more than three hours. Businessman James Drury was one of the 200 stranded riders that day.

"There are people going to the bathroom. But they're going between the train cars or they are going to the back of the train or off the back from what I hear,” Drury said April 20.

CPR reporter Nathaniel Minor attended the meeting. He tells Colorado Matters that while the public tongue-lashing and calls from concerned credit rating groups may suggest otherwise, the two transit agencies' decades-long agreement for the operation and maintenance of several rail lines remains secure.