Saving a musical wonder

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<p>The Tank, Rangely, Colo.</p>
The Tank
The Tank, Rangely, Colo.

Update: Bruce Odlands 2013 Kickstarter campaign was successful, raising more than $46,000 dollars. Today, the tank’s 18-inch portal has been replaced with a proper door, and there’s a new control room made from an old shipping container. But there’s a new Kickstarter campaign, this time to create an arts center associated with the tank. The original story continues below.

In the Western Slope town of Rangely, theres an old water tank (apparently built for a railroad that never came.) Locals first discovered the tank’s remarkable acoustics years ago, and then musicians from out of town took notice. Like Bruce Odland, who once led a big band in Denver and who’s now a composer and sound artist in New York. He’s launched a Kickstarter campaign to preserve the tank and keep the music coming. Odland talks to Ryan Warner.

Hear music recorded in the tank.