Study: As More Seniors Use Marijuana, They Want More Resources And Informed Doctors

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Photo: Seniors And Pot 1 | Balfour Senior Living - AAwad
Residents in Balfour’s Riverfront Park retirement community in downtown Denver fill the building’s spacious lounge to hear Dr. Joe Cohen’s seminar, “Cannabis 101 for Seniors.”

Seniors are the fastest-growing demographic of marijuana users. But until recently, there was little to no data on the aging population. A new state-funded study on cannabis use among older people in Colorado is starting to fill in those gaps. University of Iowa professor Brian Kaskie, who was on the study's team, talked to Colorado Matters about the finding.

Kaskie's research used focus groups and surveys to nail down elderly marijuana users' motivations, patterns and needs. A predominant theme was that seniors felt there wasn't enough information available to them. Most would prefer to talk to a doctor than a budtender at first, and would like to see more marijuana seminars at their community centers.