The Largest Tornado Study Ever

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Get this: if a tornado warning is in effect, there's a 70 percent chance no tornado will actually form. Scientists just haven't been able to figure out why some storms generate tornadoes and others don't. The goal of the largest tornado study ever-- called Vortex 2-- is to figure this out. Well, for several seasons now, teams have put themselves in the path of tornadoes and measured them six ways from Sunday. From here on out, it's all about analyzing the data they've collected. Vortex 2 is a collaboration between CU-Boulder, NCAR-- the National Center for Atmospheric Research, and a third Boulder group-- The Center for Severe Weather Research. Our guest today is the head of that. His name is Josh Wurman. He's the guy who-- years ago-- thought to put doppler radar on trucks. And that was a big leap forward for storm-chasers. Wurman speaks with Ryan Warner.