The Song Colorado Matters Host Ryan Warner Just Can’t Quit

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Photo: Arum Rae Promo Shot

I cannot stop listening to this song.

I first heard it in a restaurant this summer. The mesmerizing vocals cut through the ambient noise. I asked the server if he could run over to the music console before the track ended and give me the title. On a napkin he scrawled "Should I," by Arum Rae.

It turns out Rae was born and raised in Colorado Springs. Her parents were in a cult and she says they didn't let her listen to non-religious music until she was 9. In the end, she became a secular artist anyway. Her mom and dad, now separated, are no longer members of that religious group. Rae says they're proud of her success.

Rae, who now lives in New York, gives Colorado Matters the story behind "Should I." She says it only took her a half hour to write.