This Boulder 16-Year-Old Has Spent More Than Half His Life In Climate Change Fight

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<p>(Courtesy of Xiuhtezcatl Martinez)</p>
<p>Climate change activist Xiuhtezcatl Martinez</p>

Xiuhtezcatl Martinez of Boulder admits there are times he wishes he could just hang out with his friends and act like a "normal" 16-year-old kid, but the moment almost always passes -- usually when he's about to give a speech to the United Nations, or join the protesters at Standing Rock in North Dakota.

Or make an appearance on the most popular talk show in Sweden.

"I've had amazing experiences that I wouldn't have gotten to have otherwise -- it balances out," says Martinez, an activist and environmentalist who gave his first speech on climate change at the age of 6. Martinez is one of 21 young plaintiffs who are suing the federal government to do more to fight climate change. Earlier this month, a federal court rejected a motion to dismiss the case.

Martinez spoke with Colorado Matters host Ryan Warner.