This Englewood Teen Could Earn Scholarships As A Competitive Video Game Player

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Photo: E-Sports Video Game Mia Tekken
An illustration by esports gamer Mia Uwanawich of Chloe, the Tekken character she often competes as.

Being the star student or athlete isn't the only way to score scholarship money for college. Increasingly, schools are offering rewards to top-tier video game players in esports competitions.

By offering scholarships, colleges are entering a multi-billion dollar industry. Companies including Red Bull and Mercedes Benz are sponsoring leagues and events, including the nationwide Red Bull Conquest competition that lands at Denver's Performing Arts Center on Saturday, July 28.

One gamer at Red Bull Conquest will be Mia Uwanawich, a 16-year-old from Englewood who's making waves as a competitive Tekken fighting game player. Uwanawich talked to Colorado Matters about being an up-and-coming name on the esports scene.