Veterans Capture Images Of Colfax, Cajun Food And More As They See Them

January 29, 2019

After serving in the military, veterans leave with a unique perspective on life.

The Colorado Photographic Arts Center has seized that worldview as the inspiration for a program that teaches veterans photography.

The work of five veterans is now on display at the center's gallery in downtown Denver. “Personal Visions: Projects by Veterans” is open now and runs through Feb. 9.

Amy Forestieri is one of those veteran photographers. She documented her work with Jesus on Colfax, a nonprofit that serves the homeless and those living in poverty along Colorado's legendary road.
"I stayed in the motel, I spent a lot of time on Colfax. I created relationships where people were comfortable with me using the camera, and I just started blending in," Forestieri said.
Other veterans photographed Cajun food, Jeeps in the Colorado wilderness, a pilot and street scenes around Denver.