Voices of the American West

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For their new book, Colorado authors Corinne Platt and Meredith Ogilby went on a four year journey around the Rocky Mountain West. They were looking for people who are defining the region in important ways. Platt and Ogilby profiled well known figures-- like former interior secretary Stuart Udall and Patagonia company founder Yvon Chouinard. They also included some lesser known folks. There's Lani Malmberg - who travels with her goats to get rid of weeds-- rather than use harmful chemicals-- and Ecoflight pilot Bruce Gordon, of Aspen, who takes people up in his plane... so they can see threatened landscapes in a new way. Thousands of miles and many conversations later, the authors put together a collection of narratives and photographs called Voices of the American West. Platt and Ogilby joined Ryan Warner in the studio.