WATCH: Flobots Bring Music To Movement At ‘The Climate Change Variety Hour’

Flobots have been making music in Denver for years, but more recently, they've turned their attention to making a soundtrack for social movements.

The group's emcees Jamie Laurie and Stephen Brackett cite conversations with their late mentor Vincent Harding, who was a confidante of Martin Luther King, Jr., and a teacher at Iliff School of Theology.

Harding would look at modern-day activism and ask Laurie and Brackett: "Where are the songs?"

"Growing up and being a part of the Civil Rights Movement, he saw the songs as a piece of technology that modern activists were under-utilizing or not using at all," Brackett said.

Laurie and Brackett took Harding's words to heart, helping other groups write protest songs, including the Sunrise Movement, which is behind The Green New Deal.

"When people say they’re afraid to use their voices, I think we’re also saying that we’re trained to be quiet," Brackett said.

Listen to the full Climate Change Variety Hour here.