What We Know About Colorado’s Unaffiliated Voters

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Chart: Unaffiliated Voters Colorado (STAFF)

Colorado's unaffiliated voters are the state's largest voting bloc, making up about 40 percent of registered voters, but assessing how they vote is a guessing game. This year, several movements are afoot to draw unaffiliated voters into the state's primary elections -- one proposal is in the legislature and another may be a ballot question in November.

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While no one has done a comprehensive poll of the group, those who work on independent causes say they cover a broad range -- from voters who support presidential candidate and former socialist Bernie Sanders to those who support former Republican Congressman Tom Tancredo, who left the party last year saying Republicans no longer represented his values.

Jim Jonas, whose company JKJ Partners in Denver works on independent causes and campaigns, spoke with Colorado Matters host Ryan Warner to describe what he's gleaned about the views of Colorado's unaffiliated voters.