Why Are We So Fascinated By Bigfoot? A Denver Podcaster Takes The Plunge

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Photo: Bigfoot Hoax - AP
Rant Mullens, 86, shows off one of several pair of wooden feet he has whittled since 1928, in Vancouver, WA., April 12, 1982.

He's the namesake of a music festival, the silhouetted icon on a stout bottle and a perennial source of fascination in American culture. He's Bigfoot, and the latest entry into the Sasquatch canon is a podcast called "Wild Thing." Laura Krantz, a Denver journalist who used to work for NPR, hosts the show. The first episode dropped Tuesday.

Krantz talked to Colorado Matters about the new podcast, and how she fell down the Sasquatch hole. Her long-lost cousin was Grover Krantz, an anthropologist and a preeminent Bigfoot scholar. "Wild Thing" follows his research, and explores how and why this giant, hairy creature became so ingrained in our culture.