Why This Coloradan Is Moving To France To ‘Make Our Planet Great Again’

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Photo: AC French Climate Grant
French President Emmanuel Macron is trying to lure scientists to his country to work on climate change.

Colorado's about to lose some scientific brain power. Here's why: when the U.S. announced it was leaving the Paris climate agreement, French president Emmanuel Macron created something called "Make Our Planet Great Again." In an effort to lure disgruntled climate scientists to France, especially from America, the government offered grants of three to five years, worth as much as $1.7 million.

Five Coloradans are among 18 who will take Macron up on his offer. They include Barbara Ervens of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in Boulder. Ervens, who specializes in the study of clouds, spoke with Colorado Matters about her award.

In addition to Ervens the Colorado recipients are:

  • Philip Schulz, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Golden
  • Benjamin Sanderson, National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder
  • Christopher Cantrell, University Colorado Boulder
  • Joost de Gouw, University of Colorado Boulder