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Two women who hire older workers to help with preschool and aging care.

June 25, 2024: Older workers answer the call for preschool, aging care jobs; From football to dentistry

The fastest growing population in Colorado is 65 and older. But instead of retirement, it can also be an opportunity to help others while staying engaged. Then, the complexities of finding missing LGBTQ+ people. Also, a summer music festival rises to a creative challenge. And he traded in the football drills for the dental ones. Plus, illustrations as art.

June 24, 2024: How the U.S. is updating its ‘geriatric’ nuclear arsenal

This country’s nuclear arsenal is “geriatric.” And many of the people who maintain it are heading towards retirement. Worrisome– if you believe, as the U.S. does, that nuclear deterrence keeps us safe. Colorado science writer Sarah Scoles examines the future of nuclear defense in her new book, “Countdown.” She spoke with Ryan Warner at the Center for the Arts in Crested Butte during the recent Mountain Words Festival.

June 21, 2024: The heat is on this summer; Congressional races in districts 5 and 8

The heat dome that’s gripped the Northeast is headed our way, with temperatures hovering close to 100 degrees. We’ll get the summer outlook from Denver7 chief meteorologist Mike Nelson. Then, Purplish takes a closer look at the primary races in congressional districts 5 and 8. And later, educators share their stories in a new podcast and on-stage event, “Hot for Teacher.”

June 18, 2024: Colorado’s ‘Red Flag’ gun safety law used inconsistently; JoFoKe bares her soul on stage through music

When it comes to Colorado’s so-called “Red Flag” gun violence prevention law, where you live often dictates when it’s used, if it’s used at all. Then, her family’s musical legacy goes back four generations, but JoFoKe isn’t relying on that as she makes her own mark, baring her soul on stage. For Black Music Month, we re-share our February interview with the Denver singer/songwriter. Plus, a big fossil find near Colorado Springs.
The cast of the Broadway musical Suffs waves underneath a banner stating "National American Woman Suffrage Association 1913"

June 14, 2024: State GOP at odds with itself; Colorado trailblazer makes Broadway debut

It’s not something any political party wants heading into an election but the Colorado Republican Party is embroiled in a very public leadership struggle, with a growing effort to oust state GOP chair Dave Williams. Then, the two people vying to lead the Denver District Attorney’s office. Plus, Jenna Bainbridge’s trailblazing journey to Broadway. And the FACC Padayon Philippine Festival this weekend!


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