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What does it take to recover from the biggest challenge of your life, and how can others learn from your adversity?

This is a podcast about recovery.

We are often consumed by news of desolation — celebrity suicides, overdoses, school shootings. But what we lack in the public radio sphere — and in the news media at large — is a place to regularly showcase hope, courage and recovery. We want listeners to hear from people who’ve beat addiction and PTSD and depression and alcoholism and loss and injury and anger and resentment. 

People have always faced challenges. Now, statistics show record numbers of people, from all walks of life, dealing with mental illness. There's a dearth of human connection in the digital age, we're told. So let's hear from people, in their own voices, and make those connections.

Each story is a journey in itself, exploring the depth of the challenge each person faced, and how they individually broke out of it. At the end of each episode, I want listeners to take away this: That recovery is possible.


Vic Vela, a Colorado native, has been a professional journalist for nearly 20 years, after graduating from the Metropolitan State University of Denver in 2000. 

Vic started his career as a sports anchor for an NBC affiliate in Texas. He also worked for newspapers, including a stint as an investigative crime reporter. He covered government and politics in Colorado, and was a five-year member of the Colorado Capitol Press Corps.

Nowadays, Vic is a news host for Colorado Public Radio. He's also an affiliate journalism professor at his alma mater.

Vic is a two-time Edward R. Murrow award-winning broadcaster, and has won more than a dozen other journalism awards in the Rocky Mountain region.

For 15 years, Vic suffered from a crippling addiction to powder and crack cocaine. He’s been in recovery since 2015.


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We played our early episodes for people in recovery and therapists who specialize in recovery. Here's what they said.

"Gripping, fascinating, relatable… I am inspired by this project. I hope and pray it continues. We all need it!"

"The honesty and the compassion of the host are powerful. ... We need every bit of hope we can find!"

"It’s got all the elements you want in a podcast (and more). ... Congrats as this is really quite something."

"Podcasts like this help break the stigma and potentially open people’s minds and inspire them."