"Swallow Hill Music and Colorado Public Radio share the same values, and the same type of audience. Our patrons consistently rank KCFR and its affiliates as the radio stations that they listen to most. We know anecdotally that our last few years of underwriting have significantly increased the number of people that have heard about Swallow Hill Music and what we do. More measurably, our school programs since we began investing our advertising dollars in CPR underwriting have grown nearly 10% every year, and attendance at the summer concerts that we produce has grown by almost 20%."

Lindsay Taylor, Publicity Manager, Swallow Hill Music

“CoBank is a financial services institution that serves rural businesses all over the country, including right here in Colorado. We have a long history underwriting Colorado Public Radio. I would highly recommend it for any business that is looking to build corporate awareness in the Denver community. It is an extremely cost effective and impactful way to build name recognition for your business.”

Arthur Hodges, Senior VP of Corporate Communications, CoBank

"Since starting our investment advisory business in Denver 20 years ago, we have tried several forms of advertising ,but Colorado Public Radio has consistently proven to be the single best way for our firm to gain name recognition."

Fred Taylor, President and Co-Founder, Northstar Investment Advisors, LLC

"We’ve been underwriting for many years. Just like the DCPA is an integral part of the culture and creativity of this city, Colorado Public Radio is an integral part of our community. The DCPA is proud to support this community resource. Our partnership communicates our message and our mission, and reaches committed arts patrons and theatre goers, and that results in ticket sales."

Jeff Hovorka, Director of Sales & Marketing, Denver Center for the Performing Arts

“We underwrite because it is a great investment in advancing the common good.  Our phone calls increase, we get more volunteers, we get more financial investment, and I would tell other non-profits that this is the best investment that they can make to leverage their message, to leverage their dollars and together to make our community stronger.”

Christine Benero, President, Mile High United Way

"We have been underwriting Colorado Public Radio for nearly two decades. Through underwriting, University College is able to reach a highly educated and motivated audience at an affordable rate, all while supporting a cornerstone of our community. By supporting CPR, we are helping to keep our community vibrant. It is an obvious choice for us."

Michael McGuire, Dean, University of Denver’s University College

"We are a Denver consulting firm and we underwrite CPR. We support Colorado Public Radio for the simple reason that we like the news and good music. We have a feeling that the benefit to cost ratio of supporting Colorado Public Radio is two to three times that of regular advertising. It helps our bottom line, and we are proud to do it!"

Ken Wright, Principal Engineer, Wright Water Engineers

“We believe that the investment that we make in CPR is of great value because it is an integral part of our community. It also really reaches our target audience and our customers appreciate it.”

Stephen Smith, Founder, Grande River Vineyards, Palisade, CO

"Underwriting is a quiet way for us to send a powerful message.  We appreciate that CPR listeners fervently support the news alternative that brings value to their lives and we believe that those listeners care, and have the same kind of passion and creativity for the ways in which they accessorize their homes and decorate their living spaces. It’s good for business!" 

Dave Nestor, Owner, Urban Lights

"Live Urban Real Estate Brokers have been getting great feedback from our clients and we can track specific real estate sales that have come from our presence on the air on Colorado Public Radio." 

John Skrabec, Founder, Live Urban Real Estate

“We’re proud to underwrite Colorado Public Radio and we’re seeing the results in the bottom line of our business.  Our website numbers have increased and we track pretty carefully.  We’ve also seen an increase in the referrals to our firm and people specifically site our radio campaign with CPR as the reason.”

Rich Harris, Principal, Harris Law Firm

"Just a few weeks on Colorado Public Radio produced one of my most effective marketing tools in the 25 years I've been promoting my books and nature photography.  This underwriting clearly reaches those who are educated, active and responsive, an important segment of my customer base. In addition, I am proud to be supporting an entity that gives so much back to the communities of Colorado."

John Fielder, John Fielder Photography

"We have only experienced two kinds of advertising that works for our business, one is direct mail, and the other has been CPR. Because it is working, and most others do not it is much less expensive. Everyone is saturated with in-your-face commercials and screaming ads that are over bearing. Clicking through channels says it all. The way CPR presents is smooth, comfortable, and memorable, so we don’t get lost in a wall of screaming commercials. Due to the airtime last October and November, we have closed over $10,000 in revenue and have three times that in the pipeline."

Garry Duncan, Owner, Leadership Connections

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