Gifts of Stock and Securities

Transferring appreciated stocks and securities to Colorado Public Radio is a great way to make a charitable gift, and you can benefit in two ways. When you donate publicly traded stocks to CPR that have been held long-term (owned for more than one year) you may avoid capital gains taxes. Plus, you may take the full fair market value of the gift (on the date it is transferred, rather than the amount you originally paid for it) as a charitable deduction on your income taxes.

The easiest way to make this kind of gift to Colorado Public Radio is to have your broker electronically transfer the stock from your account to ours:

  • Account with: Bank of New York
  • Broker: Syntrinsic Investment Counsel
  • Phone #: 303-296-7100
  • Account Name: Public Broadcasting of Colorado, Inc. Gift Account
  • Account #: H16-124044
  • DTC#: 0443
  • Agent Bank and Institutional #: 94109
  • Colorado Public Radio Federal Tax ID#: 74-2324052

Once you have made a gift of stock, please notify Member Services at 800-722-4449 / [email protected]. Please be sure to provide your name and address. This is necessary because electronic transfers of stock are not made in the name of the owner (you), but in the name of the financial firm. CPR is only able to provide you with a receipt of your gift if you notify us.

Depreciated Stocks & Securities

You also have the option of using depreciated stocks and bonds to make a charitable gift to benefit Colorado Public Radio. If you sell stocks or bonds and donate the proceeds to Colorado Public Radio you may be able to take a charitable deduction for the full value of the gift, and take the capital loss on the asset.

Please consult your attorney, broker or financial advisor to determine the tax deductions that apply in your case. Colorado Public Radio does not offer tax advice.

Thank you.