Member Center – Frequently Asked Questions

Passwords & Accessing the Member Center

How do I access the Member Center?
How do I request a password?
How much time does it take to receive a new password?
I am already a member. How can I log in to my account?
Help! I don't remember my password!
What is the process for changing my password?
I’ve typed in my email address to get a new password and I still haven’t received a link to log in to the Member Center.
What should I do if I encounter errors while attempting to create a password?"
Where can I find the option to log in to the Member Center?
How do I log out of the Member Center?

Making Changes To Your Record

How do I edit my name or email address?
How can I change my mailing address (profile information)?
How can I update the credit card or bank account used for monthly donations?
Can I change my donation amount?
How do I stop, pause or cancel my monthly donation?
How do I change my billing address?
How do I change my payment method for monthly donations?
Can I skip a recurring payment or change the date that my credit card is charged?

Your Donation Information

Where can I access my donation history?
How do I review my recurring donations?
How do I access a year-end tax receipt?
How can I print my individual donation receipts?
Why can't I see a receipt for all of my donations?
Why can't I see all of my donations? Some are missing?
Where can I get a receipt for my Colorado Gives Day donations?
Where do I get documentation of my vehicle donation?
What if I have other questions not answered here?

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