Donate To CPR And Help Feed Colorado

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When you do, a Colorado family will be provided meals for a week, from a regional food bank, courtesy of the Colorado Health Foundation.

The Colorado Health Foundation wants to inspire you to support Colorado Public Radio and to highlight the important work of our regional food banks. Give now and when you do, you’ll be supporting this important news and cultural resource AND help feed a family in need.

On average, it costs a food bank in Colorado $22.50 to feed a single parent and two children for a week, according to Feeding Colorado. For the first 4,444 donors to CPR during this drive, the Colorado Health Foundation will contribute $22.50 to Feeding Colorado, up to $100,000.

Karen McNeil-Miller of the Colorado Health Foundation

"When you donate to CPR now, it's a great way for you to be able to support two causes: the great news that we get from CPR and with your donation you know you'll also be feeding a family for a week." - Karen McNeil-Miller, President and CEO of the Colorado Health Foundation (pictured, left.)

Feeding Colorado is the connecting organization that supports our five food banks.

Care and Share Food Bank for Southern Colorado
Community Food Share
Weld Food Bank
Food Bank of the Rockies
Food Bank for Larimer County

During this tremendous time of need, Colorado food banks are distributing enough food for more than 300,000 meals per day and more than 10 million meals per month.