Turn the Page with Colorado Matters

Colorado Matters invites our audience to read along with host Ryan Warner. A few times per year, we choose a book and host a live Q&A with the author. Later, audio from the event is aired during an episode of Colorado Matters.

Every Turn the Page show is different from the last. We’ve picked books from a variety of genres, and we've hosted the events both in-person and on virtual platforms.

However, one thing is always consistent: the authors we choose are connected to Colorado.

We hope to see you at the next Turn the Page with Colorado Matters!

Upcoming Turn the Page with Colorado Matters

Our next Turn the Page event will be held as a virtual, live event Feb 23, 2023 at 6 p.m. The featured book is "Western Journeys" by Teow Lim Goh.

“Western Journeys” is fundamentally an immigrant story, as so many western stories are. In a shimmering new collection of essays, Denver author Teow Lim Goh explores her own journey here from Singapore. She also honors the many Chinese laborers who helped build The West… when they were allowed in. The book is a mix of travelog, history and autobiography. It feels extremely relevant as the nation again grapples with immigration and anti-Asian prejudice.

Pick up a copy of “Western Journeys” and join Colorado Matters for a virtual event on the evening of February 23 to meet the author and ask her your questions.

Register for the free event here.

The February Turn The Page event is supported by Shining Mountain Waldorf School.

Explore past Turn the Page events

September 2022

Colorado Matters senior host Ryan Warner interviews author Craig Childs about his new book "Tracing Time” at a Turn The Page event Tuesday, Sept. 6, 2022 at Colorado Mesa University’s Moss Performing Arts Center in Grand Junction.

Book: "Tracing Time"
Author: Craig Childs
Event location: Colorado Mesa University in Grand Junction

“Tracing Time” by Craig Childs

June 2022

Ryan Warner interviews Erika Krouse about her book "Tell Me Everything" at LitFest on June 10, 2022. (Brittany Werges/CPR)

Book: "Tell Me Everything"
Author: Erika Krouse
Event location: Lighthouse Writers Workshop's LitFest in Denver

“Tell Me Everything” by Erika Krouse

February 2022

Ryan Warner interviews Patricia Raybon about her book "All That Is Secret" in the CPR Performance Studio on February 8, 2022. (Brittany Werges/CPR)

Book: "All That Is Secret"
Author: Patricia Raybon
Event location: Virtual event with live online audience

“All That Is Secret” by Patricia Raybon

September 2021

Ryan Warner interviews Peter Heller about his book "The Guide" in the CPR Performance Studio on September 30, 2021. (Brittany Werges/CPR)

Book: "The Guide"
Author: Peter Heller
Event location: Virtual event with live online audience

“The Guide” by Peter Heller

June 2021

Book: "As A Woman: What I Learned about Power, Sex, and the Patriarchy After I Transitioned"
Author: Paula Stone Williams
Event location: Virtual event with live online audience

“As A Woman” by Paula Stone Williams

February 2021

Book: "Other People's Pets"
Author: R.L. Maizes
Event location: Virtual event with live online audience

“Other People’s Pets” by R.L. Maizes

September 2020

Book: "The History of White People"
Author: Nell Irvin Painter
Event location: Virtual event with live online audience

“The History of White People” by Nell Irvin Painter

May 2020

Book: "All The Impossible Things"
Author: Lindsay Lackey
Event location: Virtual event with Facebook Live audience

“All The Impossible Things” by Lindsay Lackey