HD Radio

HD Radio is a digital technology that produces the highest quality audio available. With HD Radio, you'll hear crystal clear reception and CD-quality sound on our FM stations, and superior audio quality on our AM stations, too.

The new technology effectively eliminates noise, interference and fades (also known as multipath interference) from our FM signal, and greatly reduces these problems for AM. If you’ve experienced static on a standard radio at home, or while driving around town or waiting at a red light, you’ll appreciate the clear, consistent sound HD Radio delivers.

Colorado Public Radio transmits several stations in HD:

  • KCFR, Denver (90.1 FM)
  • KCFR HD-1 (News)
  • KVOD HD-2 (Classical)
  • KCFC, Boulder (1490 AM)

To purchase an HD radio or get help finding the best HD radio for your needs, please contact our valued partner ListenUp.

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