The Los Angeles Guitar Quartet plays two dances by composer Manuel de Falla. Recorded Oct. 20, 2016, in the CPR Performance Studio.

The Los Angeles Guitar Quartet visited the CPR Performance Studio and shared a pair of dances by Spanish composer Manuel de Falla.

The two dances, called "Song of Wildfire" and "Ritual Fire Dance," come from de Falla's ballet "The Bewitched Love."

LAGQ formed in 1980, and the group's bio includes a Grammy win in 2005. The de Falla dances show off the four classical guitarists' capabilities beautifully. It's full of percussive strumming, synchronized arpeggios and passages that drop from a roar to a whisper and back again. 

LAGQ visited CPR on the morning of another special moment for the group. The guitarists were set to give the world premiere of "Road to the Sun," a new piece by jazz guitarist and composer Pat Metheny, at the Newman Center in Denver.

Metheny and LAGQ opted not to share any excerpts from the new piece. They wanted the Newman Center concert to be a true world premiere for the piece. But they wowed the small audience at CPR with the two de Falla dances. 

For more on Metheny's music, check out conductor Scott O'Neil -- who's heard each Friday in our Classical Chats feature -- exploring the guitarist's composition "First Circle." O'Neil loved the song so much he arranged it for an orchestra and performed it with the Colorado Symphony.

Conductor Scott O'Neil talks about the rhythmic complexity in Pat Metheny's "First Circle," a piece he arranged for orchestra.