Clyfford Still Museum

December 28, 2009

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Denver got a first look this week at designs for the new Clyfford Still Museum, where visitors will see thousands of works by the sometimes misunderstood artist.  KCFR's Mike Lamp talks with museum director Dean Sobel.

Museum Drawing: Artist's rendering of Denver's Clyfford Still Museum

Museum Model: A model of the Clyfford Still Museum, set to open in 2010

Painting by Clyfford Still, 1947 | copyright The Clyfford Still Estate
Photo: Peter Harholdt

Clyfford Still Self-Portrait, 1940 | © The Clyfford Still Estate
Photo: Peter Harholdt


Monday-Friday, 10am & 7pm
Saturday, 7pm  & Sunday, 1pm

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