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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Oil and Gas Rules Hearing

The Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission has 160 pages of new industry regulations it wants the state to adopt, affecting everything from when a company can drill to where and how.The rules are intended to balance public health and environmental concerns with the industry's growth.This Tuesday, stakeholders from all sides will tell the Commission whether they think it achieved that goal.KCFR's Megan Verlee reports.

Along with gas wells, larger infrastructure, like this Encana conditioning facility west of Rift, is springing up in Western Colorado.

Dozens of natural gas wells dot the pasture land on Hunter's Mesa outside the town of Silt.

Mike Smith stands in his front yard.The rig behind him is more than twice as far from his house as currently required by the regulations, but Smith says that doesn't keep him from hearing, and smelling it, constantly.

Gas wells are a common feature in the sage brush along I-70 beyond Rifle.

Read the COGCC's complete draft rules here (PDF)

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