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KCFR's Public Insight Network relies onyou.
Your work, education and life experience, even your hobbies, give you knowledge and insight. As part of our Public Insight Network, your personal experience can inform the reporting that you hear on KCFR News.

How it works.
When you share what you know, you give our news team perspective on Colorado issues. For example: many people struggle with the high cost of health care. What's your experience?


Hope & Gratitude Series
Boulder psychotherapist Diane Renz survived both colon and uterine cancer before her daughter was old enough for kindergarten. Renz describes how she coped...and what she has learned. All stories of hope and gratitude. 

There are two ways tojoin the network.

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What you can expect by joining KCFR's Public Insight Network.

  • Up to one e-mail a month from KCFR News asking for your insight on issues we plan to cover. You can respond, or not.
  • An occasional call or e-mail to get more information, if we follow a lead youprovide.
  • Confidentiality: Nothing you share with us is used without yourpermission on-air or online; Public Insight Network members must givepermission in order for KCFR to use the information.
  • An open line for you to tell us what's important to you, yourfamily and your community.
  • The information you provide is securely stored.
  • No spam, marketing calls, or requests for money. Ever.
  • You can quit the Network any time you want.
  • You must be at least 13 years old to join.

About FAQ Sign-Up Form Stories