‘Like A Giant Straw’

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Since the Buffalo Creek Fire in 1996, engineers with Denver Water have been planning a difficult project they knew would have to be done one day: dredging out tons of sediment from the Strontia Springs Reservoir. Mud, sand, logs and other debris poured into the lake in a flash flood a few weeks after the fire, and sediment has been slowing filling the reservoir ever since. The dredging project is especially challenging in the narrow canyon that holds the reservoir. Crews have to bring in the dredge that sits on top of the lake, and connect enough plastic pipe to carry a mix of sand and water more than seven miles. The project is also closing Waterton Canyon, a popular spot for biking, walking and fishing. The canyon will be closed for more than a year. Colorado Public Radio's MIke Lamp taked with Doug Raitt, an engineer and project manager with Denver Water.