Colorado Neighbors

Colorado Public Radio is working with Rocky Mountain PBS to bring you anew series of stories about Colorado characters who have great storiesto tell. It's not about celebrities or newsmakers. Our series is aboutfinding poetry in the lives of everyday people.

Travis Moonschein

Travis Moonschein grew up in New York but his mind was elsewhere. “I’ve always had this dream of building a cabin in the woods,” he says. So when Travis found a plot of Colorado land for sale on eBay, he pounced, buying it for just $250. That decision started him out on an adventure that he’s still living today.

Mama Gooch

Mama Gooch, of Colorado Springs, recounts the ins and outs of nearly 20 years of scouting for authentic, bearded Santas from all over the country. Starting with her husband, Billy Gooch, she has recruited, trained, and placed hundreds of Santas at shopping-center North Poles in more than 30 states.

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