Election 2011: The Votes Are In

The marquee item on Colorado's election ballot Tuesday was Proposition 103, a proposal to raise taxes statewide for schools and universities. Voters overwhelmingly rejected that idea. Here's a closer look at that vote and the results of other elections in cities, counties and school districts across the state.

Proposition 103 would have raised state income and sales taxes by $3 billion to help pay for public schools and colleges. Supporters argued that schools needed relief after several years of budget cuts. Opponents said Colorado residents couldn't afford to pay higher taxes in a bad economy. Voters also rejected most of the tax increases proposed by local school districts across the state.

Denver voters turned down Initiative 300, a measure that would have required businesses to provide paid sick leave for their workers. Supporters said workers shouldn't have to decide between going to work sick or losing their jobs. Opponents said the extra costs could force businesses to raise prices or shut down.

Denver voters also elected new school board members. Winning candidates Happy Haynes and Anne Rowe were viewed as likely supporters of Superintendent Tom Boasberg on an otherwise divided board. In northwest Denver, incumbent Arturo Jimenez was leading by a very narrow margin.

In Boulder, voters appeared to be approving a measure that would allow the city to end its relationship with Xcel Energy and create a municipal utility.

Aurora voters elected former city councilman Steve Hogan as their new mayor. Hogan will succeed Ed Tauer who, in turn, succeeded his father, Paul Tauer. Altogether, the two Tauers led Aurora for 24 years.

[Image: Flickr user yaquina]