Kick off summer with OpenAir’s “FlipSide Weekend”

May 23, 2012

May 23, 2012

There are two sides to every story and that is certainly true with music. This Memorial Day weekend, May 26-28, join the hosts of OpenAir to uncover both sides of the story with “FlipSide Weekend” - back-to-back singles from your favorite artists. 

Album singles come with A-Sides and B-sides. Labels usually record what they think will be the more successful song on the A-Side,but there are plenty of instances where the B-Side has come out on top. 

“I think the most famous instance of a flip flopped single came in 1957 when Buddy Holly's ‘That'll Be the Day’ was the B-Side to ‘Rock Around with Ollie Vee,’” notes OpenAir Program Director Mike Flanagan. 

May 26-28, tune in to OpenAir to discover something new about the singles you know and love during “FlipSide Weekend.” 

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