Memorial to Shooting Victims Grows

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An impromptu memorial continues to grow near the Aurora theater where 12 people were shot to death last week. And as CPR’s Pat Mack reports, people are coming from around the country to pay their respects.

Here is a transcript of Pat's report:

Reporter Pat Mack: Estan Lee drove up to the memorial from Dallas, Texas, even though he doesn’t have a personal connection to the tragedy.

Eastan Lee: I just felt the need to come up and be supportive and try to be supportive to the family and friends all around. Just do the human thing.

Reporter: 13-year-old Barry Gaylor had a personal reason to stop by. He was in theater number 9 when the attack began. He and his friends ran out during a pause in the shooting and weren’t hit. He sys coming to pay tribute to those who died helps him make sense of what happened.

Barry Gaylor: It helps a lot. It feels like it lifted a lot of weight off my shoulders. I’m really stressed out about everything.

Reporter: I’m at the memorial across the street from the theater. It includes a sign that says, "We will remember," with the signature of hundreds of people. The memorial also includes twelve crosses with plenty of balloons, teddy bears, candles and a sign that says "another angel in the sky."

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