Obama Campaigns In Pueblo, Colorado Springs

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President Obama finished a two-day campaign swing through Colorado Thursday. He held a rally in Colorado Springs in the afternoon, and earlier in the day, reporter Shanna Lewis caught up with him in Pueblo, where about 3,500 supporters packed a hall at the Colorado State Fairgrounds.

This is a transcript of Shanna's report:

SHANNA LEWIS: The president had the crowd cheering when he spoke about his plans to help the middle class, veterans and the unemployed. Supporters on hand included Sam Law of LaVeta. She used an Olympic analogy to describe what she thinks Mr. Obama can do for the country.

SAM LAW: I want us to win the gold as a nation in environment in education and in health. We just need a president who absolutely knows where to put the money.

LEWIS: Mr. Obama also pointed to his support for renewable energy.

THE PRESIDENT: At a moment when homegrown energy, renewable energy is creating new jobs in states like Colorado and Iowa, my opponent wants to end tax credits for wind energy producers.


THE PRESIDENT: Think about what that would mean for a community like Pueblo.

LEWIS: The wind power company Vestas makes wind towers at a plant in Pueblo. GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney was in Colorado last week. His campaign mirrored the President's schedule yesterday too, with surrogates also holding events in Pueblo and Colorado Springs.

[Photo: Shanna Lewis]