NPR’s Colorado Election Coverage

Colorado's swing state status is attracting a lot of attention from national news outlets, including NPR. Past stories about the state include:

Colorado, a Big Win for Obama in 2008, Now a Harder Sell (10/19/2012)

For Hispanics, a Question of Turnout (10/19/2012)

Presidential Candidates Set their Sights on Colorado's Latinos (10/11/2012)

Colorado Students Look to Vote for 'A Better Future' (10/10/2012)

Colorado Voters Get Revved Up Over Energy Policy (10/3/2012)

Colorado's Undecided Voters a Hot Election Commodity (Morning Edition 10/2/12)

Ads Slice up Swing States With Increasing Precision (Morning Edition 9/24/12)

Colorado Springs Soaks in Triple the Ads (All Things Considered 9/24/12)

Record Number of Early Votes Expected Before the Election (All Things Considered 9/24/12)

Warring Political Ads; One Community's Experience (Weekend Edition 2/22/12)

Voter Purges Under Review Ahead of Election Day (Morning Edition 9/20/12)

Presidential Campaigns Target 'Likely' Voters (Morning Edition, 9/17/12)

Obama Uses Colorado Stop to Address Foreign Policy (All Things Considered 9/13/12)

Rep Ryan Headlines Events in Colorado, Nevada (Morning Edition, 8/15/12)

Obama Talks Clean Energy, Latino Issues in Colorado (All Things Considered 8/9/12)

Obama Campaigns on GOP Turf in Colorado (Morning Edition, 8/9/12)

Democratic Field Offices Boost Obama in Colorado (Morning Edition, 8/8/12)

Romney Campaigns in Conservative Parks of Colorado (Morning Edition, 7/11/12)

In Battleground Colorado, Independents on the Rise (All Things Considered, 2/6/12)