Night Moves, Colored Emotions

by Allie Wall
November 29, 2012

Shimmery, psychedelic, glitzy, country, rock and soulful only begin to describe what the Minneapolis trio Night Moves has achieved with their debut album, Colored Emotions. Theirs is a sound that’s deeply distinct and determined, yet spacey and sometimes-twangy. The mellow drawl of lead singer John Pelant’s falsetto is an unyielding presence in every song, the thing that draws you in, and is a staple throughout the album.

The cosmic, rock vibe of the lead track “Headlights” is reminiscent of My Morning Jacket and carries you right into the catchy “Country Queen”, a soulful, psychedelic, mid-tempo tune that is a highlight of the album. “In the Rounds”, “Put Out Your Shoulder” and “Classical Hearts” are all under two minutes but are expertly spaced throughout the album in a manner that supports an effortless yet expansive vibe. “Put Out Your Shoulder” is layered with looming vocals over an instrumentation that is intimate and grand; perfectly setting up the remaining three tracks. “Horses” is a standout; earnest and heavy all at once and as filled with the psych/glam rock sound that Night Moves is best at. “Colored Emotions” encourages head-bopping without being an overtly get-up-and-move tune, a perfect end track to an album that impresses throughout.

Colored Emotions is a methodical production littered with powerful songs that highlight the band’s ability and insight. Well crafted yet simple, Night Moves’ debut is a well-developed introduction to a band that is sure to add to our record collections in years to come.