Sundays at 2pm and Mondays at 9pm

Effective May 12th, our rotating selection of Showcase documentaries has been replaced with weekly airing of NPR's TED Radio Hour. You can find more information about the program on their website.

You can follow the links below to find out more information about programs we've aired in the past:

 May 5-6 America Abroad: Global Energy and Innovations
 Apr 28-29 Mapping Eliza: Decoding DNA Secrets
 Apr 21-22 Humankind: The Diet-Climate Connection
 Apr 14-15 Colorado Poetry Special
 Apr 7-8 Intelligence Squared: Should We Prohibit Genetically Engineered Babies?
 Mar 31-Apr 1 America Abroad: A Decade at War - Iraq, Afghanistan & Counterinsurgency
 Mar 24-25 Intelligence Squared: Does Science Refute God?
 Mar 17-18 Intelligence Squared: Ration End of Life Care?
 Mar 10-11 Intelligence Squared: Should Drugs be Legalized?
 Mar 2-3 American Abroad: Religious Minorities in the Middle East
 Feb 28 Maya Angelou's Black History Month Special 2013
 Feb 24-25 CELL Discussion on Gun Violence
 Feb 17-18 Humankind: Justice Denied - How the US Federal Courts Enforced Slavery
 Feb 3-4 American RadioWorks: Keyboard College
 Jan 27-28 American RadioWorks: The Rise of Phoenix
 Jan 20-21 American RadioWorks: Grit, Luck, and Money
 Jan 13-14 Intelligence Squared: Better Elected Islamists than Dictators
 Jan 6-7 America Abroad: Islamism in Africa
 Dec 30-31 The TED Radio Hour: The Creative Process
 Dec 23&25  Tinsel Tales & Tinsel Tales 2
 Dec 16-17 The TED Radio Hour: Fixing Our Broken Systems
 Dec 9-10 Hanukkah Lights 2012
 Dec 2-3 The TED Radio Hour: The Power of Crowds
 Nov 25-26 Intelligence Squared Debates: The Rich are Taxed Enough
 Nov 18-19 The TED Radio Hour: The Pursuit of Happiness
 Nov 11-12 The TED Radio Hour: Where Ideas Come From
 Nov 4-5 BURN - The Power of One, Part 2: The Power and Politics of New Energy Frontiers
 Oct 28-29 BURN - The Power of One, Part 1: The Power of One Election and America’s Energy Future
 Oct 21-22  Intelligence Squared: Two Cheers for Super PACs - Is Money In Politics Still Overregulated?
 Oct 7-8  State of the Re:Union - Comics
 Sep 30-
    Oct 1
  State of the Re:Union - Ozarks
 Sep 23-24  State of the Re:Union - Baltimore
 Sep 16-17  State of the Re:Union - Vermont
 Sep 9-10  State of the Re:Union - Southeastern Washington
 Sep 2-3  Intelligence Squared: Ban College Football
 Aug 26-27  Intelligence Squared: Obesity is the Government's Business
 Aug 19-20  Intelligence Squared: When It Comes to Politics, the Internet is Closing Our Minds
 Aug 12-13  Groundwork: Democracy Close to Home
 Aug 5-6  Intellegence Square US: No Fracking Way
 Jul 28-29  Radiolab: Colors
 Jul 21-22  Radiolab: Afterlife
 Jul 14-15  Radiolab: Stochasticity
 Jul 7-8  Radiolab: Lucy
Jun 30-Jul 1 Radiolab: Ghost Stories
Jun 23-24 Radiolab: When Brains Attack
Jun 16-17 Radiolab: Guts
Jun 9-10 Radiolab Pledge Drive Special
Jun 2-3 Radiolab: The Bad Show
May 26-27 Radiolab: Patient Zero
May 19-20 Radiolab: Loops
May 12-13 Radiolab: Games
May 5-6 Radiolab: Talking to Machines
Apr 28-29  Intelligence Squared: The World Would Be Better Off Without Religion
Apr 21-22 BURN: The Hunt for Oil - Risks and Rewards
Apr 14-15 Intelligence Squared Debates: Freedom of the Press Does Not Extend to State Secrets
Apr 7-8 Intelligence Squared Debates: Too Many Kids Go to College
Mar 31-Apr 1  Intelligence Squared Debates: Don't Give Us Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Huddled Masses
Mar 24-25  Intelligence Squared Debates: Men Are Finished
Mar 17-18  America Abroad: After Kim Jong-Il: America and the Two Koreas
Mar 10-11 BURN: Particles - Nuclear Fusion After Fukushima
Mar 3-4  BackStory: Looking for Work - A History of Unemployment
Feb 25-26  Humankind: Rubin Carter's Hurricane
Feb 18-19  Maya Angelou's Black History Month Special
Feb 4-5  RadioLab: S**rm
Jan 29-30  RadioLab: Stress
Jan 22-23  RadioLab: Zoos
Jan 15-16 RadioLab: (So-Called) Life
Jan 8-9  RadioLab: Where Am I?
Jan 1-2  BackStory: In the Beginning - Evolution and Creation in America
Dec 26  Tinsel Tales 2011
Dec 25  Tinsel Tales
Dec 18-19  Hanukkah Lights 2011
Dec 11-12 The Hidden World of Girls, Hour 2
Dec 4-5  The Hidden World of Girls, Hour 1  (Hidden World of Girls website)
Oct 23-Nov 28  State of the Re:Union
Oct 8-9  Squeezebox Stories
Oct 1-2 American RadioWorks: Some College, No Degree
Sep 25-26  American RadioWorks: Don't Lecture Me
Sep 18-19  American RadioWorks: Who Needs an English Major?
Sep 4-5  BackStory: School Days - A History of Public Education
Aug 28-29  America Abroad: Counterfeit Crackdown
Jul 24 - Aug 22
  Freakonomics Radio
Jul 10-18  Humankind: Passengers
Jul 3-4  BackStory - Borrowed Times: A History of the National Debt
June 26-27  Telling Stories: Bucket List
June 19-20  America Abroad: Roots of the Arab Spring
May 7 - Jun 6  Radiolab: Season 9
May 1-2  American Radioworks: Power and Smoke
Apr 24-25  Colorado Public Radio Poetry Special
Apr 17-18  America Abroad: European Disunion
Apr 10-11  Words to Stir the Soul - The Fourmile Canyon Fire
Apr 3-4  Telling Stories - Expecting
Mar 27-28  America Abroad: AIDS - The Politics of Prevention
Mar 6 - Mar 21  Intellegence Squared
Jan 30-Feb 27  American RadioWorks
Dec 26-Jan 24  State of the Re:Union
Dec 19-20 America Abroad: Splitting Sudan
Dec 12-13 Intellegence Squared
Dec 5-6 Hanukkah Lights
Nov 28-29 BackStory: American as Pumpkin Pie, A History of Thanksgiving
Nov 21-22 Telling Stories: Rush Hour
Nov 14 - 15 Studio 360 American Icons: Buffalo Bill 
Nov 7-8 State of the Re:Union Veteran's Day Special
Sep 13 - Oct 18 Radio Lab: Season 8
Aug 22 - Sep 6 American Radio Works
Aug 1-9 Best of Aspen Ideas Festival
June 6 - July 12 Radio Lab: Season 7
May 2-31
  Snap Judgement
Apr 4-26 The Really Big Questions
Occasionally America Abroad
Mar 7-9 Independent Minds: Temple Grandin
Jan 24 - Mar 1 Radio Lab Season 6
Dec 20 - Jan 18 The Moth Radio Hour