Love classical music? Tell us your story!

"I fell in love first with one piece by Brahms," says conductor Marin Alsop. "A string sextet in B flat... and it was really just like the first crush I ever had. Brahms led me into a whole world."

Tell us how you fell in love with classical music, and we might put your story on the air!

From the stories we get this week, we'll select four winners to receive a pair of tickets to see the Colorado Symphony's Sep. 20 opening night performance with Branford Marsalis. *

Here's what one CPR listener had to say:

"My dad used to play Chopin at night for us when we went to bed. Listening to Chopin now brings back those wonderful memories." - John of Highlands Ranch

Who or what inspired your love for classical music? Did a special piece of music find its way to your heart? What classical music has prompted a "driveway moment" when you were so moved you couldn't get out of your car?

We want to hear your story. Let us know how we can contact you, by emailing us at [email protected].

Thanks for sharing what classical music means to you!

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[Photo credit: Flickr user Steve Rhodes]