Arctic air mass brings cold temps to Colo.

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(Photo: Courtesy of Wing-Chi Poon)
Photo: Snowy Colorado Rockies

Temperatures are predicted in the teens and lower thru the end of this week.

Channel 7 Meteorologist Mike Nelson says the culprit is a cold mass sitting right over the North Pole that’s pushing cold air south.

“It’ll be the coldest air we’ve seen in Colorado in about 3 years, and it’s going to just grip most of the state, not only on the front range, but this will be an arctic air mass that gets into all of Colorado," he said.

Nelson predicts several feet of snow in the mountains, and even as much as a foot in the lower valleys.

But he says the higher valleys may get socked in pretty hard.

"Because there will be a lot of snow piling up in those high mountain valleys, talking about North Park, down in the San Luis Valley, the Gunnison Valley, those areas are going to go into the deep freeze and may be not get out of that for weeks if not for most of the winter," Nelson added.

The good news, according to Nelson, is that the snow will help create a healthy snowpack for next spring.