Colo. economy expected to continue to grow

(Photo: CPR/Meghan Verlee)
Photo: Colorado's economy expected to continue growth in 2014
Colorado's economy is expected to continue growing in 2014, but at a slower pace than in 2013.

The state Budget Office presented a revenue forecast to lawmakers Friday that is about the same as it was three months ago.

Jason Schrock, the office’s chief economist, told lawmakers that the economy is becoming "a little boring."

"Don’t take that the wrong way," he said. "Saying the economy is becoming more boring isn’t a bad thing. I think we all know what it’s like to live in interesting times. And when I say boring it’s just become more stable, more durable."

A surplus of $500 million is expected at the end of the fiscal year.

Those dollars will help schools that sustained steep cuts during the recession, and help the state cover emergency spending after the floods.

Larson Silbaugh, the Legislative Council’s Senior Economist, says the recent federal budget deal eases spending cuts that were a drag on the economy this year.

"So we expect the strength in the private sector to build and the overall economy to improve in 2014 throughout 2015," he said.