On Pro Musica Colorado’s concert program, a family story

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Photo: Daniel Kellogg
Composer Daniel Kellogg

The ensemble is playing a new version of “Coming Into the World,” a piece Boulder composer Daniel Kellogg wrote about the birth of his daugher. Kellogg wrote it for string quartet but adapted it for chamber orchestra. (Check out audio of the original version.)

“It’s fabulously beautiful and has that quality of something in the making -- the creation of life,” Music Director Cynthia Katsarelis told CPR’s Charley Samson. “I heard it and said, ‘Dan, I think this would be a fabulous string orchestra piece.’ And he agreed, but adapted it for string orchestra for us, so it will be a premiere of that version.”

There’s a family connection to the third piece on the program. Kellogg’s wife, pianist Hsing-Ay Hsu, is the featured soloist on Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No. 4.

The concert is being performed twice this weekend: Friday at Saint John’s Cathedral, 1350 Washington St. in Denver, and Saturday at First United Methodist, 1421 Spruce St. in Boulder. Both concerts start at 7:30 p.m.

Click the audio above to hear more on Pro Musica from CPR Classical’s Charley Samson.