Super Bowl wagers from Colo. show what’s really at stake on Sunday

(Photo: Courtesy of David Johnson)
<p>Denver Bronco fans in Washington watch the AFC Championship Game.</p>
Photo: Broncho Buster
The Denver Art Museum will have to loan this iconic statue by Frederic Remington to the Seattle Art Museum after the Broncos' loss in the Super Bowl.

Here are a few bets, big and small, that are going down, and one high profile official who's staying out of it:

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper vs. Washington Governor Jay Inslee: No go. Last year Hickenlooper bet his Maryland counterpart lampchops versus crab cakes that the Broncos would best the Ravens in the playoffs. They didn't. So this year the governor has held off from wagering on the team, a strategy he says is working so far.

Colorado's Congressional Delegation vs. Washington's: Colorado's five Representatives are putting up Stranahan's whiskey and tamales, Celestial Seasonings tea, Enstrom toffee, Rocky Mountain oysters, Callicrate steaks, and beer from Caution Brewery and Dry Dock Brewing (we challenge you to match each lawmaker with the product from his or her district!) If the Broncos win, Washington lawmakers will be sending over wine, gin, smoked salmon, various candies, Vietnamese BBQ, apples, scone mix, and a few blueberry pies.

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock vs. Seattle Mayor Ed Murray: Hancock originally wagered a sampling of the city's finest green chiles and a pair of handmade Icelantic skis against salmon, dungeness crab, and a bike from Rodriguez Bicycles. On the Colbert Report, Hancock upped the stakes by throwing in some steaks. The losing mayor will also auction off an item from his city, with proceeds going to a charity in the winning city, and wear a silly outfit recognizing the opposing team.

CO Treasurer Walker Stapleton vs. WA Treasurer James McIntire: Colorado lamb chops up against Washington salmon.

The Denver Art Museum vs. the Seattle Art Museum: DAM is putting up Frederick Remington's iconic 1895 bronze sculpture, The Bronco Buster, while the SAM has a 1901 Japanese painted screen called Sound of Waves on the line. Loser must loan their piece to the winner for a three month exhibition.

Denver Public Library vs. the Seattle Public Library: It's a battle to see which city has the more literary population. DPL is asking Denver residents to Tweet what they're reading with the hashtag #DENreads.

Denver Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce vs. Seattle Metro Chamber: Denver's chamber is wagering Omaha steaks and Rocky Mountain oysters against ...something. The Seattle Chamber, which has renamed itself the Seahawks Chamber of Commerce for the time being, suggested the losing city send the winner its best (legal-for-interstate-transport) interpretation of 'pot and munchies.'

Rocky Mountain Rollergirls vs. the Rat City Rollergirls: Our hometown roller derby team is putting up a care package of green chiles and omlette fixings against one of Seattle coffee and smoked salmon.

Big Brothers, Bis Sisters of Colorado vs. the BBBS Puget Sound Chapter: Losing chapter's CEO has to wear the opposing team's jersey for a day and the losing office has to take a group shot with a sign congratulating the winning team.

Boys and Girls Clubs of Denver and Seattle: Groups in the competing cities are seeing which can raise more money for the organization. If Denver loses, the Broncos Boys and Girls Club chapter will have to wear Seahawks blue for a day. If Denver wins, the Seahawks' chaper will be all in orange.

CO NORML vs. WA NORML: If the Broncos win, the Washington chapter will dress in orange and blue and record themselves sining Rocky Mountain High. If the Seahawks are victorious, it will be the Denver chapter in green and blue, singing Purple Haze (Jimi Hendrix was a Seattle native son).

CPR Digital Editor Jay Keller vs KUOW producer Andy Hurst: On the NPR show Hear & Now, our web guru Jay went up against Seattle-based KUOW's biggest fan for a quick round of smack talk. For their gentlemen's bet, they decided on that old standby: the loser will have to wear the winner's colors to work for a day. We have it on good authority that Jay is now really hoping for a Broncos win.

Cushman & Wakefield, Denver vs. Seattle offices: Losing office has to throw a pizza and beer party for the winners.