Ballot initiative aims to give communities control of fracking

[Photo: CPR/Lesley McClurg]
Photo: Fracking

A coalition of groups called Local Control Colorado has announced plans for a statewide ballot issue aimed at giving communities more say over oil and gas development—including hydraulic fracturing.

“There is an independent spirit in Colorado and we’re not here to impose restrictions on anyone who doesn’t want that in their community," Kelly Giddens said. She's with Citizens for a Healthy Fort Collins, a member of the coalition.

"We just think that communities should have the choice to do that without fearing being sued,” she added.

Three cities—Longmont, Lafayette and Fort Collins—are being sued by the state for fracking bans and moratoriums.

Jon Haubert is with Coloradans for Responsible Energy Development, CRED, an educational outreach campaign supported by the oil and gas industry.

“We do have a good system in place in Colorado and it is working properly," Haubert said. "To go and change everything just for the sake of change doesn’t seem necessary at this time.”

State officials will be reviewing the ballot language in the coming weeks.

If approved, organizers would have until August to collect 86,000 valid signatures to get the initiative on the November ballot.

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