Republicans and Democrats push for Denver to host 2016 Republican National Convention

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Photo: Screenshot of Denver RNC 2016 bid video
A screenshot from the Denver RNC video released Feb. 24, 2013.

Colorado Republican Party Chairman Ryan Call says a convention could boost GOP support in Colorado in the next presidential election cycle.

"I tend to think that by being able to create that conversation, get folks engaged from the community into supporting our candidate and our party, that'll do us some good," Call says. "But, really the effort to bring a convention is a bipartisan one."

He said a national convention would bring more than 50,000 people and millions of dollars to metro Denver.

Will Republican leaders avoid a city that hosted Barack Obama's nomination with a huge crowd at Invesco Field in 2008? Call doesn't think so.

"The demonstrated capacity to put on a convention that a lot of folks I think quite accurately think was one of the best political conventions in memory, if not maybe in history...the chance to build upon that, to take the lessons learned from that and do even better is a great opportunity to bring it back," Call says.

The RNC site selection committee is expected to visit finalist cities this spring and it should announce its choice in August.