Radio Dances: ‘Reconnect with your Body’ by Sarah Leversee

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Photo: 'Reconnect With Your Body' Dance Class
Reconnect with your Body dance class participant Wayne A. Gilbert was diagnosed with Parkinson's in 2005, and has been dancing since 2011.

Artist Statement

These audio excerpts come from Art as Action's weekly "Reconnect with your Body" dance class. This class was designed for people with Parkinson's disease who have been deeply betrayed by their bodies - with each day comes a new loss, a new discovery of something they can no longer do. In discovering the transformative power of dance, they discover new things they can do and enjoy using their bodies through movement and creative expression. The class is based on the Dance for PD model and was developed by Art as Action's artistic director Sarah Leversee. Sarah is a life-long dancer. However, a recent injury brought an abrupt end to her dance career. Teaching "Reconnect with your Body" classes not only brings the joy of dance to the participants with Parkinson's and their family members, but also has reconnected Sarah with dance in a new and powerful way. Our "dance on the radio" is comprised of words from our class that connect us to each other and reconnect us with our bodies.

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