CPR Arts Show: Failure, Imagine 2020 and more

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Photo: Failure Lab students record in studio FEATURETune into CPR's weekly arts show, hosted by Chloe Veltman, for in-depth coverage of the Colorado culture scene.

On this week's show:

Chloe chats with Kent Rice of Denver Arts and Venues, and urbanism and creativity expert Charles landry about the implementation of Denver's ambitious new cultural plan.

Arts reporter Corey Jones explores a new program at Denver's Museum of Contemporary Art that seeks to show teenagers the importance of failure in the creative process.

Chloe reaches Alisha Sweeney of CPR's OpenAir in Austin, Texas, where she shares her insights into Colorado bands' presence at the South by Southwest Music Festival.

In the first of an ongoing series about the the art of the human voice, VoiceBox, Chloe, together with producers Alyssa Kapnik and Seth Samuel, explore how top auctioneers from Colorado and beyond use their voices to sell everything from cattle to fish.

CPR's arts show airs on Fridays at 10.30 a.m. and 7.30 p.m. on the dial and can be accessed online anytime!