We want to hear your failure stories

Photo: Failure (iStock)Last week, Colorado Public Radio reported on Failure Lab, a new program in Denver that encourages teens to see failure as part of the creative process.

Do you have a failure story that you'd like to share with us? Please send us your story of creative struggle, risk and perseverance by emailing [email protected].

To get you thinking, here are stories about learning from failure as told by three Colorado creatives:

  • Boulder-based author Erika Krouse teaches a course called “When You’re Stuck” at the Lighthouse Writers Workshop in Denver. She talks about taking a temp position the same week that The New Yorker published a short story she wrote.
  • Kunsmiller Creative Arts Academy sophomore and Failure Lab participant Kalina Gallardo tells a story about forgetting her lines during a performance of the one-act play "English Made Simple."
  • Stephen "Brer Rabbit" Brackett is an emcee in the Colorado band Flobots. During a CPR Performance Studio session, the musician explains how the experience of being dropped by his record label helped to fuel the Flobots' 2012 album.