Descendants recount the Ludlow Massacre 100 years later

Photo: Ludlow Mary Petrucci
Mary Petrucci visiting the monument at Ludlow probably in the mid 1960s.

Photo: Mary Elaine and Frank Petrucci
Mary Elaine Petrucci with her father Frank Petrucci at an event at Ludlow in September 2013.

Photo: Ludlow Petrucci Children
A photo taken in 1913 of Lucy, Joe, Bernard and baby Frank Petrucci who died at Ludlow. Bernard is the son who succumbed to illness before the massacre in 1914. The three younger children suffocated in a pit beneath a burning tent during the massacre.

Photo: Ludlow Petrucci Family
Mary Petrucci stands behind her children Edna, Lucy, Frank, Joe while at the left, Thomas Petrucci holds the couple's baby Mary. This photo was taken around 1924 at the home Thomas built about mile south of the Ludlow Depot.

Photo: Ludlow Children
Some of the children who lived at the Ludlow tent colony posed for this photograph including Josephine Bartolotti standing at the far left in the second row and her older half sister Catherine Micheli Poletti is in the center of the back row wearing a black bow with an adult man staning behind her.

Photo: Ludlow John and Virginia Bartolottti
John and Virginia Bartolotti

Photo: Ludlow John Bartolotti
The corpse of John Bartolotti, a miner killed during the Ludlow Massacre.

Photo: Ludlow Andreatta Farmhouse
The Andreatta farm house west of Ludlow in southern Colorado.