Jeffco school board meeting this evening could be heated

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Photo: Dan McMinimeeThe recently reshuffled Jefferson County School Board meets again tonight, and it could be another face off.

On the one side are three newly elected members who make up a conservative majority.

On the other, parents and teachers uncertain about what changes could be coming to Colorado’s second largest school district.

Since the new members took office, the atmosphere at board meetings has been, well, heated.

"To walk into a Jefferson County board meeting is like walking into a sauna," Nic Garcia, a reporter with the education news website Chalkbeat, said. "It’s very thick. It’s very tense, the crowd is passionate. The culture is one of distrust."

Garcia has reported on the board’s hiring of a new superintendent, Dan McMinimee, who has been the assistant superintendent in neighboring Douglas County. Garcia said the change in the school board's leadership is part of what’s fueling some of the community’s concerns.