Police dismantle illegal marijuana crop in Boulder mountains

(Photo: CPR/Irvin Coffee)
<p>An array of marijuana plants in a Boulder grow. </p>

Authorities are using a national guard helicopter to help remove a marijuana-growing operation from a remote and mountainous area near Longmont.

Boulder County sheriff's Cmdr. Heidi Prentup says hikers found about 400 plants growing on a hillside in the South St. Vrain Canyon on Aug. 25. She says the grow is established, with irrigation pipes and other equipment. The plants were growing on private property without permission.

Prentup says authorities also found a campsite but have not identified any suspects. She did not immediately know what charges they could face if they are caught.

Officers and firefighters enlisted the help of a Black Hawk helicopter on Tuesday because the area is so remote.

Cops hauling illegal #marijuana grow out of Boulder mountains. pic.twitter.com/FWhaXGNRSw